News: School Lunches – School Gateway

Dear Parent/Guardian/Annwyl Rieni/Gwarchodwyr, 

From Monday 26th January, we will be moving over to Cypad Meal Manager within the school gateway app to order your child’s school meals.  

  • The Cypad Meal Manager System allows parents to pre-book and pay for their child’s meals at home – up to 3 weeks in advance 
  • If parents miss the cut off of 8am on the day to order their meal, pupils can still order in class in the morning  
  • Allergens and diet choices are stored and Parents/Pupils are unable to order those meals. Within the next week, I will be sending a form for you to update us on any allergies 

Please find attached a parent guide to help you navigate the new system, alternatively, log into your gateway account online, select “help” at the top right of the screen, School Gateway Guides/School Gateway Meal Manager Guide, then select the link to the pdf. We have also uploaded the guides to our website and you can find this under Parents and Carers/ Lunch Menu. 

The current payment option on your gateway app will close Wednesday 23rd January 2024, and you will not be able to make anymore payments in this way, we therefore respectfully ask if possible, if you can bring your account balance top zero to minimize the amount of balance transfers we will have to make to the new system. 

We expect the new system to be live from Friday so you can have a look at the new booking system over the weekend and start making your selections, we will confirm this out in an email on Friday.